The phrase "carte blanche" literally means "blank paper." In English, the expression translates to "the complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best."  

Carte Blanche is Chef Andrew Murtha's clean slate — a chance to design his own restaurant and menu from scratch.

Through Carte Blanche, Murtha's goal is to create a local cuisine for the area, something that has gotten lost in the shuffle of the industrial food revolution and the severity of Western New York winters.

Carte Blanche works in conjunction with local farmers and producers to serve only the finest ingredients.

The arts of preservation (curing, canning, fermentation, pickling, etc.) play an important role in our approach to food, and therefore, these practices have become key in the Carte Blanche kitchen.

In an upscale, yet casual atmosphere, Hamburg, NY's Carte Blanche aims to explore the true flavors of food in the Western New York region.

Producers include …  Butter Block, Arden Farms, Native Offerings, Weiss Farms, Plato Dale Farm, Buffalo Cheese Traders, First Light Creamery, Erba Verde Farms, T-Meadow, Tower Farms, Ole Greg, Flat 12 Mushrooms, Smith Farms, Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Eden Valley Growers, Elysian Fields Farm, Draudt’s Farm

We are very proud of our home and our roots. Our goal is to put Hamburg on the map, and use our local ingredients to develop dishes that define our region.
— Chef Andrew Murtha