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October 2016 Sample Menu

first course . . .

oysters “on weck”...horseradish, ground caraway, veal stock 3 ea, naked 2 ea

field greens... Plato Dale lettuces, herbs, & vegetables with house dressing 5 (V)

gem salad… peppercorn dressing, garlic crouton, parmesan, shaved egg yolk 6

carrots… roasted carrot salad, carrot yogurt, preserved lemon, spruce oil, pine nut 5 (V)

beets… hot & cold, pickled Inca berry, plum vinegar 4 (V)

foie gras terrine… pistachio, Concord grape, brioche, ash salt 12

mushroom toast… Flat 12 mushrooms, First Light goat cheese, egg yolk 9 (V)

East Hill Creamery Raclette… melted over Macintosh apples & house smoked bacon 11

vegetable terrine… tomatoes, peppers, summer vegetables, arugula 5 (V)

second course . . .

scallops… w. smoked tomato, Weiss Farms padron peppers 12

carbonara… fresh pasta, house pancetta, egg, parmesan 11

cacio e pepe… fresh pasta, cracked black pepper, parmesan 9 (V)

duck & squashes… Normandy duck confit, preparations of squash, duck cracklin 14

main course . . .

wild king salmon… seared loin, smoked belly, rye bread, dill cream, egg, pickle 32

free range chicken… breast and thigh, Concord grape & bread salad, crispy skin 22

braised short rib… red wine braised beef, fresh pasta, mushroom cream 32

dinner for two… 32oz. bone-in ribeye, Plato Dale squashes, potatoes, local lettuces 65

gnocchi… T-Meadow fennel sausage, summer vegetables, smoked tomato 16

wagyu beef… farro, arugula, parmesan, truffled lemon oil 42

Carte Blanche… chef’s choice three course wine dinner, always changing 50 pp vegetarian option available 30 pp (tasting must be entire table)

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